The D7 Visa is an alternative route to obtain Portuguese Residency at lower governmental fees, with a quicker approval rate, for those who intend to live in Portugal. The application starts at the Portuguese Consulate of the country where the applicant has a habitual residence.

Applicants are entitled to:

  • Live in Portugal, reunify their family members, work, and have access to public schools and universities. Have access to the Portuguese Social Security System, which includes the National Health System.
  • Use the courts of law and access Portuguese laws. Benefit from a special Tax Regime – the Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) regime, in which specific income sources are exempt from taxation.

 Who can apply? 

  • Non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens who desire to relocate to Portugal and can carry out a professional activity remotely and anywhere and/or are retired and are entitled to a pension, and/or are living from personal revenue, such as bank account savings, rents, dividends, interests.


  • Obtain a Portuguese Tax Number (NIF). 
  •  Open a Portuguese bank account. 
  •  Submit an online visa application and schedule an appointment at the Portuguese Consulate of the current country of residence. 
  •  Have Travel and Health Insurance or a declaration stating that such insurance will be contracted in Portugal up to 90 days after arrival. 
  •  Have a Clear Criminal Record. 
  •  Sign a declaration specifying the following: 
  1. the purpose of the Visa request 
  2.  the intended length of stay in Portugal 
  3.  the address in Portugal, including, if applicable, name(s), address(es), and phone number(s) of any family or friends residing in Portugal. 
  • Prove enough income to reside in Portugal for at least 24 months. Which can be done through the following:
  • Pension applicants: a document proving retirement status, income received, or other income obtained in Portugal.
  • Passive income applicants: an annual tax return indicating real estate ownership and financial assets and showing such resources’ availability in Portugal. f
  • Digital Nomads: a document proving salary, bank account statements or annual tax returns.
    • Prove to have a domicile in Portugal by: a) Acquiring, renting or borrowing a property.
    •   b) Invitation letter written from a citizen with a legal residence in Portugal, providing accommodation for the applicant.

Validity and Future Opportunities

The Passive Income Visa is a temporary Residence Permit valid for two years, renewed for three years. This permit obliges a minimum stay of 6 months a year plus two months in each period of its validity (provided that applicants do not leave the country for more than six consecutive months). However, more prolonged absences are allowed for professional, cultural or personal reasons.

After a minimum period of 5 years, the applicant may apply for a Permanent Residence Permit, which requires basic knowledge of the Portuguese language, a Portuguese address, and a clean criminal record, or apply for Portuguese citizenship, with the exact requirements as the former with an additional demonstration of existing connections and ties within the Portuguese Community.

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