Areas of practice


At Valadas Coriel & Associados we believe that there is no quality law practice without quality litigation. Quality litigation requires experience and specialization, multidisciplinary teams, concentration and training in complex and innovative litigation, knowledge and a good working relationship with the courts, ethics and a real tradition and passion for litigation, always oriented towards the resolution of disputes in an expeditious and cost effective way.

VCA focus in civil, commercial and consumer litigation, mass credit recovery, maritime litigation – including seizure of ships and injunctions for payment of related debts of ship owners/ execution of ship mortgages.


Our practice area of Real Estate Law reflects the scope of real estate activity. We have the experience and know-how able to provide advice on the core business of real estate, on complex investment structures including real estate funds, real estate finance, environmental law, construction and planning, land and tax incentives.

The firm has been engaged in several large real estate and tourism projects. The firm was engaged to assist a developer – hotelier with the acquisition, design, reconstruction and rehabilitation of a palace in an historic Lisbon centre, converting it into a boutique hotel and is currently advising within the final stages. In 2016, VCA assisted in the acquisition of a major real estate fund by a German investor, conducting the SPA negotiations as well as the due diligence work on the buildings comprised in the fund’s portfolio. VCA has also been involved in another significant real estate project of a rural touristic development project near a famous Portuguese beach in the South coast of the country.


VCA has a full company and corporate law practice – both corporations and SMEs – assisting with the incorporation of companies in Portugal as in other jurisdictions. The firm has assisted in the negotiation and drafting of shareholders’ agreements, franchise agreements, rental agreements, SPAs and respective due diligence, financial contracts, service agreements, etc.


We have a team of lawyers specialized in tax law and with a relevant curriculum. Our clients include national and foreign business groups.
In what concerns domestic and international taxation, VCA offers a full service for corporate and business structures, but also to private clients such as high net worth individuals and family estate structures; tax compliance, tax arbitration and tax litigation are also at the core of the services provided. Paulino Brilhante Santos, of counsel to VCA, is a qualified tax arbitrator.


VCA has a significant practice litigating maritime matters such as ship arrests, mortgages, repossessions and any type of maritime claims. 


VCA has a very active international practice advising on foreign investment projects in Portugal by foreign investors, e.g. has assisted a number of foreign investors in obtaining a “Golden Visa” and a favourable tax regime of “Non-Habitual Portuguese residents”. The Firm’s international practice is based on informal but very close networks with local law firms.


Labour Law is at Valadas Coriel & Associados one of our practice areas with major importance and also one that brought us recognition in the market and among our clients.

Labour law practice group is responsible for advising on labour relations of some Portuguese listed companies. Other companies, such as a large and prestigious hotel in Lisbon, benefit from the support of the labour practice group and also “high-value added” or skilful employees and top executives whom VCA assist in the negotiation and drafting of the respective contracts. In 2016, VCA’s labour team were engaged on a permanent basis by the largest oil and energy company in the country and by others companies.



Valadas Coriel & Associados seeks to repay part of our success to the civil society: contributing to universal access to Law and Justice, assuming civic responsibility to the community through rendering pro bono services by implementing a program with goals to be achieved, defining projects and initiatives to develop and establish evaluation metrics through the implementation of an annual budget, covering the set-up of financial contribution and a number of hours to be spent by each team member in pro bono activities.