… That any individual who acts for purposes outside the scope of their commercial, industrial, artisanal, or professional activity is considered a consumer?

As of January 1, 2022, any purchase and sale of goods, content, or digital services come with a three-year warranty, starting from the date of delivery of the goods, which extended the previously effective warranty period of two years.

  • Choose between replacing the item or canceling the contract if the non-conformity occurs within 30 days after delivery of the goods;
  • After 30 days, replace or repair the item, except if the chosen means to restore conformity is impossible or imposes disproportionate costs on the professional;
  • Alternatively, resort to a proportional price reduction or contract termination, returning the item and being reimbursed for the amount paid.

You have 14 consecutive days to communicate the withdrawal and return the purchased goods, and the seller has the same period, from the communication of the contract termination, to refund the consumer.

The service provider may suspend the supply in the event of failure to settle invoices; however, the consumer cannot, as a rule, have the provision of this type of service suspended without prior notice, which must be in writing.

The law ensures protection, particularly concerning misleading advertising, aggressive selling, or abusive clauses in contracts, to guarantee fair and transparent commercial relations between the consumer and the company.

The duty to provide clear and transparent information to consumers includes the total price, essential characteristics, delivery time, and warranty conditions, aiming to provide consumers with informed choices.

These solutions offer a fast and effective way to resolve disputes without resorting to lengthier legal procedures. This guarantee ensures that consumers have resources available to resolve disputes fairly and efficiently.

Rita Cortes Maia | Catarina Almeida