We are always looking out for talent

We are a company in full expansion, having grown remarkably in recent years, both in size and volume of work. For this reason, our number of lawyers is continuously increasing and the recruitment of trainee lawyers is a fundamental instrument for the firm’s growth.

Trainees’ path within the society is not defined at the outset, but determined on the basis of meritocracy, technical quality and work capacity. As a rule, it is in the firm’s interest for trainees to remain after the end of their internship, provided that during this period they have demonstrated excellent quality and ability to work, in addition to irreproachable personal qualities.

As VCA is an international law firm, its lawyers are required to be fluent in other languages (particularly English). In addition, we are looking for people with excellent academic background, intelligent, enterprising, ambitious and determined.

How to Apply

Send your application to recrutamento@valadascoriel.com with a cover letter with a photo, stating the reasons for your application to our firm, or to any of the firms with which we collaborate, and why you think you can make a difference, accompanied by your CV.

Due to the large volume of correspondence received, and although we regret this, only selected candidates will be contacted.

Please accept, however, our thanks for your interest in being a part of our team.