Our Insolvency and Recovery team recognises the complexities inherent to the insolvency proceedings, both on a personal and collective level, as well as the challenges associated with the recovery of companies, within the scope of special revitalisation proceedings (PER) and of individuals, within the scope of special payment agreement proceedings (PEAP).

We are committed to providing solid legal guidance and strategic solutions to ensure the effective management of these issues, always in close communication with our clients.

Our team has extensive experience representing clients in these types of proceedings, both on behalf of debtors and creditors.

In the context of insolvency proceedings, we offer specialised legal advice for individuals and companies in difficult economic situations, focusing on meticulous analysis of the case and the implementation of strategies adapted to the specific circumstances of each client.

We are committed to guiding our clients through all stages of the process, from the initial assessment to its conclusion, as well as mediating contacts with the Court Administrators and monitoring the liquidation of assets and the discharge of remaining liabilities (debt forgiveness).

Concerning recovery, we work closely with companies in difficulty, implementing legal strategies for their restructuring and financial recovery, as well as with individual debtors who can be subject to recovery and who wish to avoid being declared insolvent.

On the creditors’ side, we ensure that they are represented with the aim of being reimbursed for their claims against the debtors.

  • Drafting and monitoring personal and collective insolvency proceedings
  • Drafting and monitoring PER’s – special revitalisation processes
  • Drafting and monitoring PEAP’s – special payment agreement procedure
  • Credit claims
  • Recovery strategies in the pre-judicial phase