As of next June 15th, Europeans will no longer receive astronomical phone bills when travelling to any other European Union country, at least no more than the bill they would receive in their  EU country of residence.

Restraining from making or taking calls, calling an Uber or using Google Maps will no longer be needed, since the cost of making a call, accessing the web or texting will remain the same, according to each original tariff.

Roaming charges have been decreasing since 2007 (around 90%), but the regulations agreed between the European Commission and Parliament, represented the final stage of that decrease, setting the ceilings for the wholesale roaming charges for all operators. The roaming cost will now be totally split among local and foreign operators.

This is a huge step towards the Digital Single Market and will contrast with the extortionate tariffs we will still be faced in the Americas and all over Asia, with roaming charges in China verging on the indecente.