The IBA International Estate Planning Guides are a comprehensive resource designed to assist practitioners in navigating the complex field of international estate planning. They serve as a pivotal reference for understanding the intricacies of estate planning across different jurisdictions, offering valuable insights and guidelines for legal professionals worldwide.

João Coriel and Sofia Quental’s contribution to these guides focuses specifically on the realm of estate planning in Portugal. Their input provides an in-depth analysis of the Portuguese legal framework, including critical aspects such as tax implications, inheritance laws, and cross-border estate planning considerations. This contribution is tailored to offer practical guidance and up-to-date information for those dealing with estate planning matters within the Portuguese context.

Their participation in this project is a testament to their expertise and deep understanding of the legal landscape in Portugal. It also underscores our firm’s dedication to contributing to global legal knowledge and staying at the forefront of international legal developments.

The IBA International Estate Planning Guides, including the section on Portugal, are accessible through the IBA’s website. This resource is invaluable for practitioners, clients, and students alike, offering a thorough understanding of estate planning in various jurisdictions, including Portugal.

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João Valadas Coriel | Sofia Quental