João Valadas Coriel, VCA’s managing partner, will be in Tokyo, from 9th to 12th of May, where he will attend, as co-chair of the Commercial Law Session, in the “On the Road” Conference, organized by IR Global. The main goal of this event is to share with the members of this network business opportunities existing in that region of the world, particularly in the financial and technological areas.

IR Global is a network that brings together more than 900 professionals from the legal, tax and financial areas, from approximately 155 jurisdictions. VCA has been a member of IR Global since 2014 and, through this network, has provided assistance to many Portuguese customers outside the country and to many foreign clients in Portugal.

João Valadas Coriel is a Member of the Private Clients Committee of IR Global and was voted by his peers, in October 2018, “Member of the Year 2018”, in recognition of the role that VCA has played within the group, particularly with regard to the recommendation of clients, inbound and outbound business, creation of content, reinforcement of services and shared knowledge.