Some legal changes have been introduced regarding tax representation in Portugal, namely:

The appointment of a tax representative becomes mandatory when a legal tax relationship starts to exist in Portugal, such as:

  • Being the owner of movable property subject to registration or immovable property.
  • Entering  an employment contract.
  • Exercising an activity as a self-employed person.

From the moment such a legal relationship begins, communication of the appointment of the tax representative must be made within 15 days, in order to avoid a fine between 75 and 7.500 euros.

The obligation to appoint a tax representative for taxpayers with a Portuguese tax number residing abroad or who are absent from Portuguese territory for a period exceeding 6 months ceases as long as they adhere to the electronic notification and summons regime on the Finance Portal or to the electronic mailbox notification system (via CTT).

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Sofia Quental
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