The change in the procedure that was previously followed will be communicated to the candidates via email. AIMA, has already initiated the dispatch of said notifications to the first candidates on the waiting list.

During the initial phase, candidates will be notified to pre-pay the fee for the issuance of their residence permit. Upon completing the payment, they will receive a new email with a direct link to a platform (soon to be launched by AIMA). Here, they must resubmit all the supplementary documentation for the EOI request, ensuring it is duly updated.

This new mechanism will expedite the approval of requests and subsequent issuance of residence permits. Appointments will exclusively be granted to candidates who have made the payment. During the appointment, staff can be assured that the submitted documents are up-to-date and have been previously reviewed.

Currently, for this procedure to take effect, it is necessary for the mentioned platform to become operational, with AIMA has announced that its launch is imminent. In conclusion, we would like to highlight that the adoption of this procedure will contribute to fulfilling one of AIMA’s key missions since its establishment on 1st November 2023: to modernize and simplify administrative procedures to address pending cases in a reasonable timeframe, without neglecting necessary security requirements.

Dispute Resolution Department

Patrícia Valadas Coriel | Mariana da Silva