Paulino Brilhante Santos, VCA partner, explained that the right to compensation for such effects only exists if the people who suffer them can prove that there was a direct cause between administering the vaccines and adverse side effects causing damage to their health, and the nature of such damage, i.e., whether such damage resulted in mere temporary inconvenience, or in more definite and dangerous health damage.

In addition, he explained that it is necessary to prove that the pharmaceutical companies producing the vaccine, during clinical trial and human testing phases, have either acted maliciously by deliberately concealing the vaccine side effects; or acted negligently by failing to test with the required care and diligence.

Therefore, pharmaceutical companies can only be ordered to pay compensation to those who suffer from such effects if they have deliberately concealed them or if by negligence, they have not informed the public of such effects so that the victim could have had his informed consent to take the vaccines.

For example, once Pfizer detected a dangerous side effect of its vaccine for people suffering from severe allergies and informed the public of this fact and gave advice and guidance on this problem, they can no longer be held responsible for the damage to people’s health in these circumstances who will take their vaccine.

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