A new, competitive “gold residence visa” system. Allowing nationals of non-EU nationals and non-Schengen jurisdictions to apply for residence permits, giving the right to family reunification and family reunification. Portugal’s “gold residence visa” for the Portuguese investment activities of individuals quickly become a Portuguese citizen open the way. Investment activities include: (a) the applicant for each “gold residence visa” who buys a house worth more than € 500,000 or a property for commercial, agricultural or tourism leasing; (b) a total investment of at least € 1 million , Including the purchase of shares and companies; (c) any one can create more than 10 jobs in the investment. Portugal is the ideal destination for R & D enterprises, real estate leisure and tourism activities, health care and medical science, information technology and the telecommunications industry, as well as an ideal destination for the pursuit of a relaxed, tax-free retirement system, low prices and costs, and other conditions.