Through the “online nationality” functionality available in the Portal da Justiça, it is possible to make Portuguese nationality requests, submit documents, make payments, follow the status of processes and correct or complete information entirely online, without the need to go in person to a Registry Office.

The online submission of nationality applications brings convenience, agility to processes, and optimization of time and resources, consequently improving the efficiency of the response.

The application may only be submitted by professionals registered in the Portuguese Bar Association and in the Portuguese Solicitors Association and, initially, online submission of nationality applications is only possible for individuals over 18 years old, in the following cases: foreigners who have been legally residing in Portuguese territory for at least 5 years; and foreign citizens married to a Portuguese citizen for at least 3 years.

For the remaining cases, it is not yet possible to make the application online but progressively the service will be extended to all types of nationality applications.

For more information and legal support, contact Ana Santos Fontes, Managing Associate of the Nationality Law Department, at