Portugal grants Golden Visas to foreign investors.

The Portuguese government recently set up a Golden Visa scheme to attract wealthy foreigners (non EU nationals) into having a first or second residence in Portugal.

To be eligible, one must invest € 500.000,00 in real estate or other business. The program is flexible enough so five properties adding up to € 500.000,00 will grant a Visa and one property worth € 1.000.000,00 can grant two visas.

The Golden Visa allows for foreign earned income not to be taxed in Portugal. It will also allows its bearer to travel freely among all European countries within the Schengen zone.

Portugal has one of the finest weather and coast line among south European countries. Real estate prices are considerably lower than any other country in the region. Portugal is also known for its excellent infrastructure, public health service and low crime rate.

A considerable number of Portuguese speaks or understands English and the country has a very liberal legal frame; gay marriage and adoption is allowed, drugs use is not criminalized and you will be just fined for speeding. Portuguese people are very tolerant towards any religion but also stench defensors of personal liberties.


João Valadas Coriel