One of the most significant changes is the inclusion of the waiting period for obtaining residence authorization in Portuguese territory in the nationality application. Now, for foreigners interested in applying for Portuguese citizenship based on residency, the required 5 years will be counted from the moment the residence title is requested (provided it is granted).

Previously, the required period for the application was only counted from the issuance of the residence permit. This made access to citizenship difficult for many foreigners who had been residing in Portugal for years waitting for their permit.

With this new regulation, the process of obtaining Portuguese citizenship has become more flexible, especially for those who obtained residence authorization through the Expression of Interest, one of the currently longest procedures for authorization approval.

Many immigrants benefit from this new legislation, allowing them to anticipate the right to apply for Portuguese nationality. However, it is important to consult a nationality specialist to determine if they are eligible for Portuguese citizenship and for guidance on specific procedures.

Nationality Department

Ana Santos Fontes | Maria Moura Fonseca | Ana Luíza Fronczak