Sandra Jardim Fernandes, Co-Head of the Immigration Department at VCA, has been featured in an insightful interview in the latest edition of Valor Magazine, which was published yesterday.

In this edition, Sandra delves into the complexities and challenges of immigration processes in Portugal, offering her expert perspective honed from extensive experience in the field. She highlights the vital role of legal professionals in navigating the intricate bureaucracy of immigration, emphasizing how VCA’s dedicated approach has successfully aided many in their journey to residency in Portugal.

Sandra’s discussion with Valor Magazine covers critical topics, including the difficulties immigrants face during the legalization process, the impact of bureaucratic systems on immigration, and the recent changes in the immigration landscape, such as the extinction of SEF and the creation of AIMA. She also stresses the importance of professional legal guidance in ensuring efficient and successful immigration processes, an area where VCA’s expertise has proven indispensable.

Her insights not only shed light on the legal nuances of immigration but also reflect VCA’s commitment to providing comprehensive support to our clients. This interview is a testament to our firm’s expertise and dedication in the field of immigration law.

Read here, Sandra’s full interview in Valor Magazine to gain a deeper understanding of Portugal’s immigration landscape and discover how VCA is at the forefront of offering tailored legal solutions.