* Until the 15th of February: Deadline to communicate to the Tax Authority any change in the household, through the Tax Portal. If not updated, the family and personal information presented in the previous year will be considered.

* Until the 27th of February: Deadline for validating invoices on the e-factura portal. In order to benefit from expense deductions in the IRS, the taxpayer must verify that the invoices related to purchases made in 2022 are active in the e-factura and validate or complete the information of those that are pending.

* Between the 1st of April and the 30th of June: Deadline for submitting IRS declarations for the year 2022.

For further information ou support, contact our Tax partner Sofia Quentalsofia.quental@valadascoriel.com or Catarina do Canto Amaralcatarina.amaral@valadascoriel.com.