We highlight the main proposed measures:

For Natural Persons

  • Reduction of personal income tax: Reduction of marginal personal income tax rates up to the 8th tier, and a maximum rate of 15 % for young people up to the age of 35.
  • Incentives for donations: An increase in the percentage of personal income tax that can be donated to social institutions.
  • Exemptions and deductions: Tax exemption on performance bonuses and the creation of tax deductions for accommodation costs for displaced teachers.
  • VAT on baby food: Reduction of VAT on baby food.

For Collective Persons

  • Reducing corporate income tax: A gradual reduction in the corporate income tax rate, with the aim of reaching 15 % in three years, and a 20 % reduction in autonomous taxation on company cars.
  • Simplification of corporate income tax: Measures to make corporate income tax simpler and more attractive for investment.
  • Maternity and paternity support: Creation of incentives for companies that offer maternity and paternity support programmes.
  • Capitalizar + Programme: Encouraging generational transition and the valuation of business assets.

For Housing/Real Estate

  • Incentives for young people: Elimination of IMT and Stamp Duty on the purchase of permanent residential property by young people up to the age of 35.
  • Registration simplification: Reducing the cost and complexity of property registration processes.
  • Construction and rehabilitation works: Creation of an exceptional and temporary scheme to eliminate or reduce tax costs on construction or rehabilitation works on properties intended for permanent residence, regardless of their location in an ARU, materialised, among other things, in the application of a reduced VAT rate for construction and rehabilitation works and services, as well as extending the deductibility of the tax.

For Justice

  • Tax simplification and stability: Measures to reduce the cost of complying with tax obligations, increase stability and reform tax justice.
  • Administrative reform: Strengthening and balancing relations between the tax administration and taxpayers.

For the Environment

  • Green taxation: Reform and technological innovation to promote sustainable practices.

For Investment

  • Revoking the Extraordinary Contribution on Local Accommodation and creating prior validation schemes to attract foreign private investment.

Tax Department

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