According to Article 3 of the Portuguese Nationality Law, foreigners married or in non-marital partnership for more than three years with a Portuguese national may acquire Portuguese Nationality, provided they comply with certain requirements.

To begin the process, it is necessary to have been married for at least three years and to have an effective link to the national community.

When the marriage or non-marital partnership has lasted for at least six years or when there are children of the couple with Portuguese nationality, proof of connection to the Portuguese community is not required.

Before the application for nationality is based on the de non-marital partnership, it is necessary to file an action for recognition of that situation in the civil court.

Besides the mentioned existence of a connection to the Portuguese community, the following are also grounds for opposition to the acquisition of nationality by will: 1) Conviction by final and unappealable sentence of a prison sentence of 3 years or more, for a crime punishable under Portuguese law; 2) The exercise of public functions without a predominantly technical nature or the rendering of non-compulsory military service to a foreign State; and 3) The existence of danger or threat to national security or defence, by their involvement in activities related to the practice of terrorism, under the terms of the respective law.

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