If you are a grandchild of a Portuguese citizen, you have the possibility to apply for Portuguese nationality. Below, we outline the requirements and procedures:

  1. Portuguese Ancestry: A fundamental condition for acquiring Portuguese nationality is that one of your grandparents is originally from Portugal and has not lost their nationality, even if they are deceased.
  2. Formal manifestation of intent: It is imperative to formally express the desire to acquire Portuguese nationality. To do so, use the specific declaration intended for obtaining this status. This act is symbolic and represents a commitment to the Portuguese community.
  3. Connection to the Portuguese Community: The assessment of the existence of effective ties to the national community is one of the requirements for this type of process. Evidence of proficiency in the Portuguese language or regular contacts with the Portuguese territory are important indicators of integration and participation in Portuguese culture and society.

It is importante to note that there are a couple of restrictions:

  • Having been sentenced to a prison sentence, equal to or greater than 3 years, for a crime punishable in Portuguese territory is not admissible.
  • Involvement in activities related to terrorism constitutes an insurmountable barrier to obtaining Portuguese nationality.

Grandchildren of Portuguese citizens receive nationality by attribution, which takes effect from the date of the applicant’s birth. Thus, after acquiring nationality, they can pass on this right to their children, whether they are of legal age or minors.

Portuguese law does not provide for the direct granting of Portuguese nationality to great-grandchildren, only to children and grandchildren of Portuguese citizens.

However, great-grandchildren of Portuguese citizens who wish to obtain citizenship can do so through the son or daughter, or the grandson or granddaughter of the Portuguese citizen, i.e. through their parents or grandparents. Once the latter has completed the process, the former can apply for nationality through said kinship, becoming the son or grandson of a Portuguese citizen.

It is important to emphasise that for this process to be possible, the applicants, in this case the parents or grandparents, must be alive, as it is not possible to apply on behalf of a deceased person.

Nationality Department

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