The D2 Visa is a gateway to Residence in Portugal through one of these three entrepreneurial types of investment.

  • Investment in a business in Portugal

Applicants must prove one of the following:

  • To have carried out investment operations in Portugal; or 
  •  To have financial resources available in Portugal (including financing obtained from a financial institution in Portugal). In this case, it must also demonstrate the intention to use this financing to invest in operations in Portuguese territory; or 
  •  To have developed an entrepreneurial project, including the creation of an innovative base company integrated in a certified incubator under the terms defined by order of the Government members responsible for the areas of internal administration and the economy
  • Building a company in Portugal

Applicants must prove both: 

  • To have incorporated a company in Portuguese territory. 
  •  To have registered the company with Social Security and Tax Authorities. 

*At renewals, they must show proof of company activity (payments received, invoices, etc.) 

  • Work as a freelancer in Portugal

Applicants must prove one of the two: 

  • To have signed a services contract to operate a liberal profession, and a statement from the professional organization, with evidence of its registration (whenever applicable); or
  •   To have been registered before the Tax Authorities as a self-employed. 

*At renewals, they must prove that they are performing a professional activity through a services contract or green receipts.

Associated costs and requirements 

  • If choosing to invest, even though the law does not mention a minimum amount, it is advisable to choose an investment of some significance, such as opening a shop, restaurant, etc. 
  • The incorporation of a company will imply monthly costs, such as social security, accounting, work insurance(s), taxes on profits, and other potential costs inherent to the area of activity. *

*When renewing, the applicant will be required to prove to have invested in Portugal or performed some professional activity, either independently or through a company. 

  • Applicants must prove to have an address in Portugal, either by acquiring, renting, or borrowing a property or by an invitation letter written by a citizen with legal residence in Portugal stating that they will provide housing for the applicant.

Validity and Future Opportunities

The D2 Visa is a temporary Residence Permit valid for two years, renewed for three years. This permit obliges a minimum stay of 6 months a year plus two months in each period of its validity (provided that applicants stay in the country for six consecutive months). However, more prolonged absences are allowed for professional, cultural or personal reasons.

After a minimum period of 5 years, the applicant may apply for a Permanent Residence Permit, which requires basic knowledge of the Portuguese language, a Portuguese address, and a clean criminal record, or apply for Portuguese citizenship, with the exact requirements as the former with an additional demonstration of existing connections and ties within the Portuguese Community.

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