It is common for foreigners residing in Portugal to need to leave the country for various reasons. Law No. 23/2007, which regulates the entry and exit of foreigners from Portuguese territory, establishes specific guidelines for periods of absence.

For holders of temporary residence permits, it is crucial to note that absence from national territory should not exceed six consecutive months or eight interpolated months during the total validity period of the authorization. In the case of permanent authorization, the allowed absence extends to 24 consecutive months or 30 interpolated months within a three-year interval.

Any absence beyond the mentioned limits must be justified through a request submitted to AIMA, I.P., before the resident’s departure from national territory. In exceptional cases, it is possible to submit the request after departure.

It is important to emphasize that the residence permit will not be cancelled if individuals can prove professional, business, cultural, or social activity during the period of absence from national territory, even if they exceed the stipulated limits.

However, the residence permit may be cancelled if the interested party stays out of the country for a period longer than established without acceptable justifications.

Staying informed about these rules is essential to ensure the continuous validity of the residence permit in Portugal, ensuring that absences are duly justified and within the established legal parameters.

Nationality Department

Ana Santos Fontes | Maria Moura Fonseca | Ana Luíza Fronczak