This change makes digital documents submitted via the application equivalent in legal value to the physical ones.

However, although the law is already in force, these changes will only come into effect on January 1st 2025.

The app is now available and any citizen who has an active Digital Mobile Key (CMD) can add documents such as their National ID Card, Driving Licence, Single Vehicle Document (DUA) or ADSE health card to the app.

This application, developed by the Public Administration, allows users to store and consult these documents and their respective data which, when presented in real time, in Portuguese national territory, will have the same value as the original physical documents.

This new legislation constitutes an innovation for the national identification system, representing a significant step towards the modernisation and digitalisation of the Portuguese Public Administration.

The next steps for the Portuguese citizens involve ensuring that they have an active Digital Mobile Key and familiarising themselves with the application. This early preparation is essential to ensure a smooth transition to the effective use of digital documents when the law comes into full effect in January 2025.

GDPR Department

Marta Valadas Coriel | Sofia Batista Linguiça